Combine each and everyone of the elements in a list


I am currently trying to combine all the elements of a list in order to obtain all the possible combinations:

(a,b,c) -> function = (a,ab,abc,bc,ca)

Which I am trying to do with this code in a python script node:


Sadly, when I run it, it’s not combining the elements and just returning the same input.

Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance

right click the node and set lacing to cross product

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Wonderful Mr Marcel_Rijsmus! Thanks a lot once again!

Is there any way to also reverse this process? Let’s say I get the sum of the numbers I wanted and after selecting the one that i needed from the list, I want to see which numbers from the original list can sum up to reach that new number. Is that possible?

-If equal return index- and -get item at index- are the nodes, there are other ways aswell, find the logic in the and and
this will get you some basics too
the rest is getting to know what nodes are there.
and use google or search the forum, most of it has been done before, all you have to do is find it

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