Feed multiple list combination values to custom node


Hi guys!
I have a problem in list combination when calculating cooling load with a custom node I made.
The custom node (Cooling Load in the figure) takes some input and returns the cooling load for my case-study building.
The fact is: I’d like to calculate cooling load for different combination of inputs such as roof and walls U-values. So I made up a combination of those values (4 for each parameter) using List.CartesianProduct node and now I have 16 different combinations.
Actually I’m struggling in feed those combination to the node and calculate 16 different cooling loads. I can’t figure out how to do it.
Below is an image of my workspace. Just notice the left side of it.
I didn’t attach my .rvt file since the issue is not necessarily linked to a specific model. Let me know if I need to upload it!

Thank you !

Dynamo v.
Revit 2016



Try feeding the original lists into the Roof and Wall inputs, and then using cross product lacing at level 2 for both the roof and wall u values.



Hi Jacob! Thanks for your reply!
I tried to do that but this is what I got!
Is it what you meant me to do?



Yes, but it may need level 1 not level 2. Hard to know without the custom node to play with.



I already tried with different levels but I didn’t solve the problem. Since I’am a new user I can’t directly upload the .dyn definition. This is a link to the file via my Dropbox account:

Thank you Jacob!



I would need the custom nodes too - what package are they from? Also, I’m still on vacation and have ~200 emails to catch up on, so I won’t necessarily have time to look at this myself.



This is the custom node “Cooling Load”. I made it by myself and may contain some conceptual errors.

These are the packages I have installed in Dynamo:

Of course I didn’t expect you to check my files and solve my problems, just need a little help to move on.
Thanks a lot again Jacob! Enjoy your vacation! Dynamo can wait :smiley: