Need to create 2 lists out of 1 list

Hello All,

I need to make from 1 list 2 lists sorted on their name, Arc / Line, these need to be in 2 different lists because i need to do different things with Arcs/ Lines.

Thanks in advance!

List.SortByKey where the lists are the groups and the keys are the UniqueKeys. I think you want @L3 and @L2 for the list levels, but you will need to experiment. Then use a List.Transpose node to flip into a list of Arcs, and a list of lines, before finally using a List.FirstItem and a List.Last item to split the list.

Sorry Jacob but i dont really understand what you are trying to say, when i do these steps i still get 2 lists with all my lines and arcs through each other.

Try @L3 on the Transpose node.

that results in this:

You changed the sort by key node, so set that back to @L3 and @L2 as that was working.

Then if the Transpose doesn’t work adjust the levels accordingly.

I have changed the levels to a lot of different patterns but nothing seems to put out a list with only Arcs and a list with only Lines.

don’t i need a filter somewhere to split the “Line” and “Arc” ?

Try changing the level on the Transpose to 3. This is a hard node to ‘get’ levels with as it’s working on stuff at multiple points in multiple levels.

Hey Jacob i really appreciate your help but i didnt get it to work with your explanation, but after a good night sleep i got a simple solution for this problem:

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