Need Help With List Logic

I will try to be as concise as possible here with my problem. I am working on a file containing to separate types of lists.

  1. The first list is a list of strings, and the second list contains 9 items of data.

  2. The list with 9 different items is such that the data needs to be transposed before it can be used effectively. The list of strings does not need transposed.

  3. My problem is that I would like to combine the two such that the combined list shows "0-List, 1-List, 2-List, etc. However, as you can see on the far right, the combined list has an extra layer of nesting (1-List has a “nested” 0-List, 1-List, 2-List, etc).

  4. What steps do I need to take to remove that extra nesting of lists? Hopefully I have explained my situation clearly enough.

Try DesignScript

I should have noted I am using Civil3D. I don’t believe there is a DesignScript Node unless its in a package I need to download.

@hestingjj Try using List.AddItemToFront or List.Join instead of List.Create.

This worked great! Thank You!

DesignScript is the programming language behind Dynamo. You can author straight DesignScript code in a code block and often accomplish the same thing as using nodes. Sometimes it is easier to just use DesignScript syntax instead of using a complex combination of several nodes.