Need help with Dynamo Units to Revit



Hi All,

I have created a script to generate a family at a specific set of coordinates referenced in an excel file.

However I primarily use mm within Revit and when I export the coordinates in mm to excel, I get an error message in dynamo stating I am too far past the projects coordinate system, which is 1,000,000 or something. I checked all of the points in mm and none of them exceed xxx,xxx.

The script works file if I first set my units in Revit to meters and have the excel in meters. But this will cause issues as everything else I work in is mm. I have attached a screenshot of the dynamo script below.


can you put a watch node on the out (point) connector on the PointByCoordinates node and post the results. It is possibly something to do with the data type in Excel

Incidentally,you can also make your graph simpler by reusing the same FilePath and File.FromPath nodes rather than duplicating