Need help for script


I am very new to Dynamo and Revit. I am just go through one of Autodesk Knowledge network article, " Place 3D Beams from Imported 3D Drawings" and getting curious to know is it possible through using dynamo quickly.

Link for article :

I have created some 3d polylines with different layers considering different I-Beams will be place same as shown in article with respective layers.

Is it possible to make an dynamo script for it.

Kindly guide me.

Thanks in advance.


You have to create Dynamo geometry/lines from the imported dwg lines, or import the dwg via dynamo, than use the StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve node to create the beams.


Thnaks @infeeeee for your quick and valuable response. I will try for it and let you know if more help require.

Hi @infeeeee,

It works…Thanks a lot!

Now my only problem is to rotate that beam around X-axis?

Can you guide me?

Please use the search button on the top right corner of the site. A lot of questions was already answered.

I searched for ‘rotate beam’ these are the top results:


Thanks for your quick response and it work for me.