Need help finding the Thickness from a Floor Type

I can create wall: Foundation - 12" Concrete and extract the 1.0 value from Width as the ‘parameterName’. How can I do this for a floor? The Thickness value is the closest think I can think of for the ‘perameterName’ but it does not work.

Try using the “Default Thickness” parameterName

For one, why are you going to name and back to type when you already have the Type?

Second you can also use a BIP like here. Floor default thickness

“Default Thickness” works. Thank You!!!


Great Question!

I’m creating a structure that has multiple walls and floors. It requires that I create floors on different levels. I have an issue that I cannot create a floor on ‘any’ level other than level 1 without doing the following. See Image. I would like to be able to create a floor on an ‘exact’ level other than level 1. If you have ideas here that would be great. But it is also good to know the thickness of the floor (in the programming) so if I want to cut a hole through the floor I can do it exactly therefore, the program must know the thickness of the floor that was picked. Can you elaborate on what you mean by BIP?

One other thing I’m interested in is identifying the height of the existing ‘level 2’.