Nearest parallel lines grouping

hello all,
I’m trying to create group of two vertical parallel lines.
I grouped most of them but some are missing.
V-GROUP.dyn (35.4 KB)
vertical lines.dwg (79.2 KB)

hi @vishalghuge2500
did you try to use [ Group Parallel Lines ] node ? from Genius Loci package

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no that will not work.
I’m trying to create group of two nearest parallel vertical lines.

for example

Based on the number of lines in your example, you could possibly have several points equal distance from the same origin point. From that you just have to decide how you want to handle those cases.

Just in case you are not aware, the way you are grouping, you will have conditions where the two lines may be aligned with each other. Example below with the blue circled point being the origin point. The red circled point is the closest point. If you want to avoid that you will have to use point coordinates to filter the ones that are equal to each other.

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sorry for misunderstanding
I just tried to edit your script a little bit
have a look on it may help
V-GROUP.dyn (83.2 KB)

@staylor sound good
that’s why i try to gather all distances between all points and try to group all vertical lines by key which is the distances between the lines