My view on the ways of dynamo' UI improvement

We can see from the above picture that the UI of dynamo tools panel arranges vertically that it is so hard to search for useful tools to use. So users will think it is boring and deficiency. Compared to the UI of dynamo, the UI of grasshopper tool panel arranges in a horizontal way and this layout has clear viewing and logical thinking. It is easy to find some tools that users need to use.
Besides, because there are almost numerable tools in dynamo, I suggest that it can be established user-defined tools panel. It can collect useful tools that users use frequently. The user-defined tools panel has been used in some common design software like alias and rhino.


Dynamo is an open-source project and would be nothing without its community. You can make suggestions or track and submit bugs via Github issues. You can submit your own code to the Dynamo project via a Github pull request.

This is my opinion.

You can contribute to the development and give specific feedback to developer team instead of comparing with other solutions without any point.


Thanks for your advice.

It is just your opinion. I thinkt it is a very nice UI, which is very clean and not too complicated comparing with Grasshopper. The only thing I can critisize, could be its UI performance.


I think the UI is fine.

My BIGGEST complaint is that searching is somtimes really, really slow.
Also when i search for in example GetPara GetParameterValueByName isn’t even
in the top 10+ results while i expect it to be to be honest.


The advantage of a TreeView is that it is easily expandable, the buttons add visual comfort, but if many functions are added, the UI must be redone (such as reducing the size of the buttons)

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I still like dynamo’s tree view because I’ve used both, the main issue and I think right now is performance with geometry.

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