My codeblocks are disepeared, why?

Hello Dynos,

Is my Dynamo Core/Revit damaged? I can`t generate any Codeblock! Why or for me more importend how can i solve it. I already reinstalled dynamo (2.0.3) without any effect.



What Revit build are you on?


Try restarting your CPU

it doesn`t work. I try to look the installation folders…

1.3.4 is running !


Python script works also just the editor not


might be a Revit add-in causing a dependency conflict. Try disabling all Revit add-ins, restart the CPU, and see if that fixes it. If so add them back a few at a time until you identify the conflict.

Thank you, it is the Orchid Stuff, I have still struggle to put the Package in the correct way.

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