Multisheet Edit Sheet Parameters

I’m trying to create a way to edit sheet and titleblock information across multiple sheets. I got the user interface to pop up with all the sheets and what parameters I have created so far but it will only apply the default string text. When a user edits the parameter in the UI it doesn’t override the parameters it just keeps the default. Fairly new to dynamo so I may be way off base in what I have created any help would be appreciated.

You’ve collected the values and modified them per the user interface, but you now need to let Revit know that you want to modify them by using an Element.SetParameterValueByName node.

Also, a quick tip: it looks like you’d benefit from leveraging some list lacing here - see this link for some info which was presented in the Your Desk University presentation last night. 🔴LIVE: "Dynamo: Things you May Have Missed Along The Way..."Jacob Small, Sol Amour, Autodesk - YouTube

@jacob.small I’m using the Element.SetParameterValueByName node to set my titleblock parameters did I miss something else?

Well, the set parameter value by name has to come AFTER the UI has gathered the inputs.

Currently you’re setting the parameter value by name (which I thought was being done to prevent duplicate values, but that wasn’t your intent here). Note the output of the UI++ node and map the parameter names and elements accordingly.

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