Multiplying lines an exact number x times

Hi everyone, I am trying to make a rectangular pattern on a surface. The definition for the longitudinal lines works good, and then I started this definition for the secondary lines and I am not yet satisfied with the result. First I pulled the longitudinal lines and the surface perimeter curves on the plane Z=0. Then I picked the start points of all the lines and got the center point for the begining of the definition. I translate this point, get every “n” item and translate again, etc, and make the vertical lines that are the secondary pattern lines to start with. It works good, but I haven’t figured out how to offset these curves (1500) the width of the complete surface. I am sure there is a math expression that I am missing here… I was trying with this list, that does give me the good numbers, but then I don’t know how convert this to the offset of the lines . Regards, Ana