Multiply Window Height by Width

Trying to get the window area.

I got the width parameter and the height from the window type. How do I multiply those values so I can set the instance parameter to the product of the width and height?



Element.GetParameterValueByName can you try with this ?

Didn’t work. I think the “get parameter value by name” is an “instance” parameter. I want to get the type parameter value.

then this will work for you

Didn’t work.

@augustinpe Use the GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance node from rhythm package.

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How would I do it my way? Multiply width x height?

@augustinpe :roll_eyes:

@augustinpe Just like you did it before

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@AmolShah This can work too :upside_down_face: :joy:

Please - how would I do it without rhythm?

I got it. Thanks!

You can try this @augustinpe

@volkan.isik I know how it works!
FYI, you don’t even need the last code block or two variables (x&y). You’re welcome :wink:

I chose to answer it that way because the OP had to ask this question and I didn’t want to confuse him any further just to save some redundancies! :metal:

@AmolShah I have no doubt about your knowledge. I wanted to talk to you :slight_smile: