Multiple Tee Fittings

I’m trying to connect multiple tees connections between existing pipes. I have managed to get it to work with two of the three pipes, but struggling to get all the pipes to connect. Can anyone assist? Here is a screenshot of my graph thus far.

As a new user I could not upload a screen shot of the pipes (can only upload a single file).

look forward to receiving constructive comments.

Here is a copy of the pipes.image

I think there is no point on creating a dynamo graph for that end.

You can use the Trim/Extende Multiple Elements comand:

First you select the main branch with a single click then you can select all of the secondary branchs and it will create all the tees for you

there isnt a need to repeat the main branch 3 time. just feed it as per normal. it should work as i have been using this node :smile:

sort branch pipe

pipe1.point.y >pipe2.point.y>pipe3.point.y

something could probably work…


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