Multiple surface add to Profile

Does anyone have a Dynamo program to add surface to the existing Profile?

Hi @ravi.venkatappaWB2M3, see if these help.

Dear @mzjensen thank you so much for your replay, and

Both Dynamo files are not working for me, can you please help me with the below-mentioned item.

  1. I already have 100+ Existing Surface Profiles(in place), I just need to add the Proposed Grade surface to the same existing profile, Example, I already generated a surface profile, so if I add a new surface I can see in the profile both surfaces at a time.

Hi Ravi,

The second post above should help you out for design profile, you have to take a note there are nodes in toolkit - for adding a place holder of design profile or to add a design profile with a station and elevation values.

if the the intention is to create a design profile exactly following the EG surface then this post can help you, i will suggest it to be used on single profile first as a test and then run on all alignments and profiles. You should also need to check List Levels for this task.

Dear @shahid.shaikh_C3D thank you so much for your reply,

Unfortunately, this also does not match with my requirement, I am attaching an image, for more clarity

i have 2 surfaces( 1. Existing & 2, Proposed,
with 1st (Existing Surface) i already made profiles in civil 3d,
now i want to add 2nd(Proposed Surface) to all profiles which i already made.

@ravi.venkatappaWB2M3 what data you have to create a proposed surface ?


The road department Gave me 2 surfaces,
1st is Road top links surface,
2nd is Road Bottom links surface

While I am preparing the Pressure network in Civil 3D i need to maintain 1m Constant depth also need to check when Pipe cross Roads it should not pass through Road Bottom layers(Which is Sub Base)

i am attaching an image, Red color line is Representing Road Bottom links surface.

Road Bottom links surface.

@ravi.venkatappaWB2M3 ok its clear now, what you have done so far ?

@shahid.shaikh_C3D first of all i am new to Dynamo, still in the Beginner stage,

i went through the above given Dynamo program and modified it as much as I aware.

Add surface ti Profile.dyn (15.5 KB)

as an idea
You can check the height at each beginning and end of a pipe
with surface Road Bottom layers
If it is less than a meter, adjust the height of the pipe