Automatic points

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to place automatic points where the primitive terrain touches the mesh intersections in the profile through Dynamo?

A drawing is auto cad or civil 3d drawing

Hi @danielmedeirosm6,

To clarify, are you wanting to know where a design profile intersects a surface profile?

I need the intersection points of the primitive terrain with the profile

It isn’t clear from the screenshot if there are two profiles or a single profile, and I’m not familiar with the term ‘primitive terrain’. Is that what you refer to as the existing ground?

Yes. Exient surface.
Let me explain better. In the profile is the line of the existing surface. We manually place these points where the line touches the existing surface to cherish the elevations. However, I know that it is possible to do this operation via dynamo, but I don't know how to perform this, as I am a beginner in this area of programming via dyanamo.
Attached, below is the profile image.

Civil 3d

Hi @danielmedeirosm6 and welcome to forum,

If i understand correctly you have a alignment and existing surface in the profile view. the intention is to create a design profile exactly replicating the existing ground at 10m interval PVI points. If yes this will get you going…

This is just a quick way and can be refined based on a requirements.

That’s right. Sorry for not expressing myself more clearly. More thank
you very much. do you have study material for beginners like mine?

No worries, happy that it helped. Please mark it as a solution for future use if it resolved.

Regarding Material - This forum is best place to learn, search for some interesting topics and you will get sample scripts and diff. approaches too. You can also have a look at some AU university classes (suggestion : by Jowenn Lua)

Basic Dynamo Tutorial : Learn - Dynamo BIM
Node Library and sample use cases: Dynamo Dictionary