Multiple outputs from .dyf

I built a custom node that will return the name of the Central File for a Workshared project.
It works, OK, but I can’t figure out how to return multiple values from it.
I’d like to return three values:
The path to the Central file without the file name
Just the Central file without the path.
The entire thing

However, when I add more than one Output node, the first one always gives me all three values as a list, and THEN the other OUTs
How can I make it return JUST three strings?
ANd, as long as I’m asking, is there a better way to return same from my Python node instead of using multiple Python nodes which all do basically the same thing?
GetCentralFile.dyf (8.7 KB)

just seperate the code for the different output by commas. That way the output will be a list and you can just index into that like any list in Dynamo. Like so :

GetCentralFile.dyf (4.0 KB)