Multiple input node only runs when the input is true

I have a watch node on the upper right of the image and I want to run The Multiple Inputs form only when it (Watch node) is not an empty list. And also, if there are more than 1 items in the node, the multiple input node should run for all of them separately. Because the 4 manual inputs will be different for all of the items in the watch node.
Is there a way of achieving this task?

Did you look for something like this? the element comes when it is true, it does not come when it is false.

Sorry there was some issue in my question. I have edited it now. I wanted the Multiple input forms to run only if the watch list is not empty, but Multiple input node runs even when the list is empty.

The MultipleInput node already gives you this functionality with the run Toggle. Just use a List.IsEmpty node to determine whether the Watch output is empty or not and invert the boolean to be your run condition.

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Yes that’s more of a Manual method. But what if I want it to decide automatically?

Which part of that feels manual to you? Instead of using a Boolean node to set true or false you write a function to determine whether the Watch node meets your conditions to run or not. There’s no manual input at all.

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Manual in a sense, that I am going to run the code from DynoBrowser buttons in Revit without opening Dynamo and I won’t know what is going on in the back end.

Well you’re always going to have to run the graph somehow. That’s about as “manual” as it will get. There’s no need to watch the back end if you write the graph to make those decisions for you. Try what I’ve suggested and see how far it gets you. If there’s something specific about what you don’t like then we can try to address it, but I still think you’re not understanding how this it supposed to work. If you want MultipleInputForm to run only when the Watch node output is an empty list, then write it that way. If you want it to run for each item in the Watch node, then write it that way. These are both possible.