Multi-Coping (Apply Coping on multiple elements) for Trusses in Revit

Hi all

I’m trying to create a multi-coping .dyn file for trusses in Revit but I’m just not getting there.

I tried with a python script and even adjust the script and also with the available ‘FamilyInstance.AddCoping’ note from Clockwork.

But they don’ t seem to work on multiple elements from a truss in Revit.

Anyone that can help me ? Would be appreciated a lot.





Hi Pieter

The Clockwork node works only when the number of the beams to be coped and thenummber of cutting beams are even.

You can check out my blog on this topic here:

There’s a video in the beginning showing my workflow.


Clockwork’s node can cope multiple beams with a single cut beam, if you combine it with a node like so:


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