MS SQL Server connection with Windows Authentication (DynaTools?)

Attempting to connect to an sql database in MS SQL with windows authentication. Attempted to use DynaTools nodes with no luck. Pretty new to SQL so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


SQL connections can be a bit finicky & can get complicated by name resolution, authentication and other things such as the configuration of the SQL server.

Is that SQL server a remote machine (or local)
If local, you could try localhost or
If remote- try the IP address

I have used the Slingshot package successful- give that a try & search for my name & slingshot on this forum.
This one might help Creating MSSQL DB Connection

Try creating an ODBC connection (which you can test using other applications) and then use that connection instead of the server details


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Andrew’s comments were helpful when starting down the path of SQL interaction. Using the ODBC command from Slingshot’s package, you can place the ‘driver={SQL Server}’ and let that drive it. Also, went back and forth on using the Trusted Connection, but consistently needed that set to true.

You can definitely write a custom node to complete the task, but can easily get there with a couple of nodes. When in doubt, check the Connection String.

glad it helped

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I think I solved this issue. Will update when I have documented it.

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I figured out how to connect to the SQL server. I wrote about it here, it involved using Excel to find the connection string and then using Slingshot nodes OLEDB connection node.

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