Moving up views on sheet of crop regions by nominated values


I have 50 views on each sheet and need to move up the crop region of the views by 3150 for every single ones…and have more than 50 pages of sheet.
Can anyone help me to let me know what to do with this?

Basically, I am doing active the view on the sheet and select the crop region and move up by 3150 without edit the crop region. then the position on the sheet is the same and only the view goes up.

I have tried something like this below but… don’t know what to do next.

Please give me a help!

Do you have anything you can distinguish the views you want to move from those that you do not want to move?

Like a paramater or the way they are named?

Hi PyXam,

No, I need to move them all up… all the views on the sheet to be moved by 3150.
Is this possible?

I’m not sure i fully understand, but i think you are trying to move the “viewport” not the crop region?
3200 is too much movement for any sheet, thats what makes me think i an mis-understanding.

Try the below and see.

Or perhaps this instead to change the “cropbox”

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