Moving, Copy & arraying

Hello to all at the Forum

I’m completely new to ‘Dynamo’ and have read about the basics of this new way of programming
and came to this forum as I’m completely confused how to master the most basic of Dynamo such
as 'how to move, copy (maybe multiple instances) or even array an object which is drawn in Revit.
I’m using Revit 2017 (Student Version) and Dynamo 1.3.x (incorporated into Revit)

I would appreciate any help from the community to explore this programming feature from Dynamo
before to advance to the more advanced features.

Maybe you got any examples related to the above issue…

Thank you in advance

Hi @hgfohler50



Thank you very much Kulkul for your speedy response to my issue. Highly appreciated.
Didn’t study fully the workflow but noticed the ‘Code Block’ with the 3 input ports (xyz) are not
in my Dynamo library.

Thank you

All four of us tried fast the copy/array but have problems.

want to copy an imported block multiple times in the x direction but have
no success…always shows 0 - see attached file