Moving a RevitLinkInstance

I’m having some “weirdness” here. It seems in Dynamo a RevitLinkInstance has no such thing as a Location. At least in Rvt 2017.2 and Dyn

The Element.GetLocation node errors with:

Warning: Element.GetLocation operation failed.The location of the structural element is not a valid curve.

Then a Code block extracting the Location property also fails:

Warning: No propert called Location on Revit.Elements.Element could be found

The SetLocation node fails as well:

Warning: Element.SetLocation operation failed. The location of the structural element is not a valid curve.

And the Element.MoveByVector node simply does nothing whatsoever, just resulting in a null value.

I’ve tried the same in a Python node, no error there, but no effect either.

Anyone have a clue what’s going on here? The RevitAPI documentation clearly shows that exact idea even as an example in the RevitLinkInstance.Create method’s documentation:

public void CreateLinkInstances(Document doc, ElementId linkTypeId)
    // Create revit link instance at origin
    RevitLinkInstance.Create(doc, linkTypeId);
    RevitLinkInstance instance2 = RevitLinkInstance.Create(doc, linkTypeId);
    Location location = instance2.Location;
    // Create a second instance of the link and offset it by 100 feet.
    location.Move(new XYZ(0, -100, 0));