Moving a Project Base Point inside all linked RVT models and nested link models along the vector X and Y with Dynamo

Hi Everybody! I would like to move Project Base Point inside linked RVT models and nested link models by set values along the vector X and Y. I will be grateful for any ideas!

It is should be possible.
Are they linked? Are they in one specified folder?

You need to have a list to iterate through them and for each of them open, modify and close with saving.

do you want to move these points in a clipped or unclipped state?

I would rather do it on linked files. The question is: it is possible? They are in one location. My idea was to do iterations and shift Project Base Point by set vector X and Y in all of them and save each file. And then reload them in the Link Manager. Does it make sense?

It surely is.
Try starting with that:


@Marcel_Rijsmus I would like to move PBP in an unclipped state.

I wanted to do that too, so i asked here on the forum, nobody answered.

From The Building Coder blog:

The clipped/unclipped state of the base and survey points cannot be set via the API. You can pin them using the Element.Pinned property.

The post is rather old but I it seems that not much has changed:

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You can start with this script that finds all links in the model unloaods them and loads them back.

Thanks @Tomasz for link! I tried to recreate what you sent me but there is an error in Python Script from String. Do you have an idea why? Where should I insert the vector for changing location Project Base Point?

I have no idea why. It’s best to post the error message together with your workspace.

It gets more tricky down the road. You need to collect PBP and move them using Python as Dynamo can only work with currently opened documents.

How comfortable are you with Python?

I would say that I am a beginner. I have the basics of Java and am just start learning Revit API step by step.

Any updates on this issues? I would also like to batch move the survey points in linked files