Unclip survey point or pause for user input

Hi everyone,

I need to unclip a survey point and move it to a specific location. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it is near that simple, because clip state to my knowledge is still not in the API.

Help out my API request here.

I need to do all the things in this note before the next portion of the script runs,

I’m not sure if its possible to open the link as the current document, and I know steps 3-5 aren’t possible so what do you guys suggest?

Is there some other way of doing this, should I break this into 2 scripts, find a way to pause for user input, etc.

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I do not know how to unclip either, a possible workaround would be leave survey point as 0,0,0 clipped and move the survey point as clipped.

This finally got added to the api in 2021!!!