Move Suffix to Below

We found a simple script for placing Dimension below and it works as expected, but it’s doing all of the dimensions at once. Is there a way to filter out just the dimensions that have a suffix and move them below while leaving the others as they were?

@TurtleWolfe , hi

You need subscripts?

it does not work in my case:

area = 1000
OUT = "The area of your rectangle is {}cm\u00b2".format(area)

the node for printing below works fine,
it’s filtering dimensions by suffix that I’m trying to figure out

right for any reson it was not working

@Draxl_Andreas your input is red
try connecting something to first node.

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Good evening, here is a way to explore.
(Certainly can be improved)


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Thank you Christian.Stan, I can’t believe I forgot to search the nodes for Suffix, of course they’d have something. That should work, thank you again.

Getting a lot closer, but still missing something.

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hello, your last node contains the elements concerned.
At this point you can send them a suffix “” since you have already passed the value of the suffix upstream below.


it is not a criterion of judgment, the dictionary is full of examples (I consult a lot to progress :wink:)

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