Set Prefix to all Dimensions (Feet and Decimal Inches)

Hopefully this describes what I am looking to do. I want to put the LIST.FLATTEN list as a prefix to all dimensions. However I have segment dimensions as one dimension. I can see it is easy to do if I want a single same value in the prefix but what if I want every single one to be an equation of the dimension.

Is their a node? I have looked at the various similar blogs but cant get the output I want from the python scripts available.

It would be helpful to know what you want the equation of the dimension to be. With the list you show I am not sure I understand WHAT you are trying to do.

You mention that you could not get the output from the python scripts but then you don’t mention which treads or which scripts you might have tried.

The equation works out the feet and decimal inches value of the dimensions then I would like that value to show beneath above or in front of the dimension in Revit. I have the correct values for the dimensions in a list. as shown in the flatten in my original post but im just stuck at getting them into the feilds as I cant seem to break out the segments.

Ive added an example of the currently created script Im just looking to map the equated list to dimensions prefix above below feilds

Dynamo Forum Test.rvt (1.6 MB)

Dynamo Forum.dyn (15.5 KB)