Move points by dragging them in 3D view

Hello there,

I am currently working on a soil model and the creating of the model isn’t the problem. My problem is to manipulate the layers in the 3D view. I know that i can create a point with z-value from the number slider node to create a draggable point. Unfortunately this is not handy, as e.g. 50 handle points in a surface would need 50 single points. The next problem is, that I can not preset the number slider value. For example my soil model gets created by my code from topology and boreholes. Now I would like to replace some points in these surfaces with handle points which at first have the same x,y,z values as the points they are replacing.

In summary: Is there a opportunity to preset the number slider with a number from a list, or is there a package that allows to drag points in the 3D view. I now the DynaShape Package, but the points can be dragged in every direction which is kind of a mess. I only need the points to be draggable in z-axis.

To get a insight of my model and first attempts to solve this, I attached the created soil model from topology and boreholes and a dynamo file with my first attempt to replace specific points in a surface to make them handle points which modify a surface.

As this is part of my master’s thesis I am very thankfull for any suggestions you may have. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

ReplacePointAtIndexWithHandlePoint.dyn (127.4 KB)

For everybody who is silently following this topic:

I found a way to do what I want. I can set some of the points as handle points and drag them with my mouse (only in z-axis) and the handle points don’t influence each other.
I will upload a video for better understanding this evening :slight_smile: