Move point to Curve Line


For a Road project I am developing the following routine, I need to move the point of an element in revit (traffic signal) to a reference line in CAD. Which I already have identified in dynamo. Do you know any node that allows me to make the line (CAD axis) work as a line of attraction for the points (location) de las familias de señales?

Thanks for you help.

Separacion de Señales.dyn (28.7 KB)

See if that helps!

Element by location…dyn (9.2 KB)

Vijay Thanks For you help.

But it has not worked for me, I am looking for a node that allows me to align the point to the curve.

can you share your Revit sample file?

On your screenshot I can see that it is a 3d view, but the traffic signs look 2d. What kind of family are they? Are they placed in the view?

Geometry.ClosestPointTo perhaps?