Move Featured Lines / Poly Curve


I’ve created two featured lines from poly curves which represent the axis of two rails. The axis is always in the middle between the two railway tracks. Now I want to have a line for each track, which means out of two axis there would be 4 tracks which have always a certain distance to the axis.
Is it possible to copy these lines and move them with a vector or something?

Thanks for your help!


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Since there are curves involved, it seems like you’d want to offset and not copy/translate, correct?

I need to get 2 Lines out of each one I have (each one with a different offset to the ”orignal“ line), so I have to copy each one at least once?
Is there any way you can think of hol this Could work?

Copying and offsetting are not the same thing when dealing with curves.

I’m assuming you want to offset?

Yes, I do. Now I got the difference.

Also, do you know the rail lines command in Civil 3D ? It works with rail alignements and not FL but it will do exactly what you want and take into account the cant for example :

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So how do I get there?