More Section Boxes in one 3D View


I wanna create more section boxes in one View. This is what I have so far. But it creates more view and not multiple section views in one 3D View. How can i do this?


It also would be great to have all the section boxes there:


Section boxes are particular for each 3D view, and they can only have one section box. There is no way you can “add” section boxes to a single view, it is how Revit works.

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Thanks @alvpickmans

I found out what I was looking for was Scope Boxes. But they also do not Change anything in the 3D View.

Is there a way to have different Section/Boxes/whatever in one 3D view?
E.G.: I have the whole building with Fassade and wanna just show Fassade till 2nd Floor, columns (wich I created in Dynamo from 1st to last floor) till 5th floor and the core of the building to the last Floor.

The only option I can think of now is to create multiple 3D views with the elements and heights you want to show, and place these views stacked on a sheet.

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Hiding/isolating in view might work better as it would allow for rotating the view. I’ll break down one method to explore concentrating on just the walls. You’ll have to test if this works (let us know if not) and will need to figure the rest on your own.

  1. Get all walls by category.
  2. Group by the type function.
  3. Get the ‘exterior’ function walls (parameter value 1) and filter out walls which aren’t contained in a bounding box that extends up to level 3.
  4. Get the interior walls (parameter value 0) and filter out walls which aren’t of your core type.
  5. Join the list of walls from step 3 with the list of walls from step 4. Obviously you can add columns, windows to a level, etc in as other inputs.
  6. Use the isolate in view node to limit the view to only these elements.
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@jacob.small thanks for your answer!
How can I hide parts of “Columns” or “Fassade” wich is created fully from bottom to top with dynamo. So it is one part in Revit. Is there a way to cut The column and the Fassade on different places?
I show you in picture:

Theyre done by one Spline. so to give them other hights I would have to change the Dynamo notes. Is there a way to cut them in Revit?

No you would have to split them into multiple elements.

Okay Thanks