Section Box in 3D view to match Levels

I am working on getting the existing section box that is available in an existing 3D view to match its top and bottom constraint to a level above. Each view with “Level 1” in the title would have Level 1 as the bottom of the section box and Level 2 (or a ‘Level Above’ node) as the top constraint.

Saw this and did not get a good answer.
Resize 3D view

Does the section box element driven by points or points, vector and can I get that information from that object?

Option for new view> :slight_smile:
boundingBoxByLevelsAndSectionBox.dyn (20.5 KB)


Love it John! My thought is to drop this into Dynamo player and to have the Section Box hidden, but still active. You have the select node that gets the element of the of the existing section box. If this user is already in the 3D view, there should only be one section box that is associated with that view. Can I get the Section Box element from active view?

Essentially, is there anything that ties the Section Box to the actual 3D View? Kind of like a host?

Isolate pick model elements from Rhythm will let the end user select the sections box in the view. Does that sound pretty good? I can try to mock up.

Can the view range settings be the “host”?
I am trying this approach to give the user a quick 3D view of the current view range of the active floor plan.

Should be able to. But, I thought right click on view cube > orient to view did that as well?

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Just so I am making sure that I cam covering everything, there is currently no way of automatically select the section box that is associated to a view without the user selecting it in the view? The section box only has parameters for Category and that’s really it. It does not tie the Section Box to the view it is hosted in.

John- Tried out your graph and worked great. Thanks again.

Using a few custom nodes from the Clockwork package and one from the Rhythm package I put together a quick graph that filters through the category I need (Section Boxes in this case). As you can see in the bool filter I only have one section box associated with my current view.

I was looking at the bool filter earlier, but didn’t look at comparing worksets. Ignore the Viewport.ViewName that has the output of ViewNames connected instead of Elements. I tried both and it did not work. Closed the graph, reopened, made sure Elements was connected correctly and it worked.

This should get me rolling. Thanks guys!

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Awesome! Glad I could help. It took me a while to find this node combination when I was trying to modify all textnotes in the active view only.

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Getting ever closer to the finished product! I have created the same graph that John provided in post #2 to capture the bounding box and send it to a new view. The only thing that has not worked yet is after I input the Bounding Box to the create 3D node, it shows it in the 3D view, but it does not apply a Section Box to the newly created Bounding Box. I thought I have seen something (a node somewhere) that prompts for a Section Box or if a Section Box is applied to a view.

Any thoughts?

Part 1 of Graph

Part 2 of Graph

Revit Environment

For those that will be reading this in the future, Rhythm now has a node for correcting this issue.

In Rhythm > Revit > View3D > View3D.SetSectionBox.


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Hi Guys,

I am trying to attempt to recreate this graph but struggling to find these nodes have they been renamed?

Hi John,

I am in the process of following this graph I am struggling to find these nodes I believe I have all the packages to make it work but cant seem to find these nodes Issue_2LI

Hi @s.rooble, this was not my Dynamo graph so I am not 100% familiar with it. But, I can try to help with some of the nodes I do recognize.

Element.Name :point_right: I would use Clockwork’s as I do not know where the one in the image is from.
Level Element Collector :point_right: Lunchbox
Slice.String :point_right: I have no clue what that node is. And since this isn’t my graph, I am not sure what that even did.

Boundingbox.ByElement - is that a Rhythm package ? struggling to make it work too …

That Was from clockwork. but he retired that node in favor of the OOTB Element.BoundingBox