Modify wall location line and wall types in the same graph

Hello guys,

We are having a problem with one graph.

What we are doing to do here is to select members of groups that belong to a specific wall type, modify the location line and then replace the elements for a different wall type.

I do not want to separate this into two graphs

I do not understand why the last part of the graph is not working fine, the location line changes but the type replacement seems to come before it, not sure why because the node come after in the graph.

Any ideas, many thanks!!!21

Hi @BIMadmin

Please show preview for all the nodes it will help others who is trying to help you.

Before applying the graph3

Part 1
Graph Part 2

Anybody knows why the change of type come before the location line thought it is after in the flow???

Kul kul???

Are you looking to change wall type which is inside group? Drop your rvt file in any cloud drive and share the link here.

Sure here it is

@BIMadmin I modified the script For BIM Admin.dyn (11.9 KB) and here is the process in action:

And revit file here


It is a bit unclear what you want to gain. It looks like you want a location line in the wall to be placed 75 mm in the wall. That is not possible.
You can make a core in the wall placed at the inner side of the wall there is 150 mm wide, and then attach core center to the reference plane.
The other possibility is to use dimensions as you show, setting the reference plane 75 mm from the wall finish interior

Hello what I want to do is in the same graph modify the location line of an specific wall type inside a group and after that modify the wall type, typical exercise of modify wall types when the location line is wrong

But you cant change the location line, it has six hardcoded ways it works, thats how it is.


Either you can change the way your wall layes is made or you need to use dimensions.


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Hello Kul kul,
Thanks for your time but what you are doing here is just part of the graph I previously attached,
If you read my explanation above the problem that I am having is that I cannot modify the location line and the wall type in the same graph, even though the change of type come after in the flow…

erfajo as I told you before I need to automate the modification of an specific wall type in a group and just after that modify the wall type

I mean automate the location line and just after swap the wall type once the location line parameter is correct


I seam like you don’t understand. I don’t think you will be able to solve it the way you are trying to. You cant change how location line is working, but you can use the coordinates where the location line is placed, and then make a new location line, but according to your new wall.
However, the new location cant be fixed to the reference lines except you use either dimensions or change you wall layers so they will give you a location that can follow the reference line.


@BIMadmin try using Element.MoveByVector node after Element.SetParameter node. Make sure you add transactions start and end. Good Luck!


I don’t want to move the wall!!!
I want to change the location line property of the walls before changing the type:
Centerline 0
Core ext 1
Core into 2
Finish ext 3
Finish int 4
I hope you can get it now

Hello all,
In order to achieve what we are aiming for I have splitted the graph in two.
So now we need to run part, freeze and unfreeze and run the other part.
Not sure why the wait/passthrough node does not work here.
Actually there is something in the outcome of the graph that we are not sure why is happening though the outcome is correct.