Modify tab is duplicated in Revit ribbon

Hi all,

I don’t know how but I am able to see the modify tab and its duplicated (I think so ) in Revit ribbon. Is there any way to remove one(duplicated or another modify tab look alike) tab from Revit ribbon ?


I think this is a question for the Revit forum :wink:

There is a “modify” and a “second modify” ribbon in revit. I´m also interested in knowing why this second one exists.


You can show and hide them with the Rhythm Ribbon nodes in Dynamo.

Do you know what you did to make this second modify ribbon appear?

I believe the second one is normally hidden because it is the modify tab for the family environment.

OP has some plugin installed or something that enabled it by accident.


Hi @john_pierson How to disable it ?

It all depends on how it was enabled to begin with. I would try disabling some of the plugins you have and see which one causes it to disappear. Apologies as there is no magic way for me to know what caused it to begin with. :see_no_evil: