Modify section parameter


I want to update parameters on section views based on an subtext of the view name.
I can do it manually, so I assume there is a way to automate it with dynamo.
See image below.

Unfortunately, it seems that the parameter cannot be accessed through the SectionView type (read-only).

I think I need to identify section marker elements rather than sectionView elements to be able to set a new value of parameter. But they seem to be part of the same category…

Anybody knows what’s happening here?

For the moment I use the “select model element” node as a workaround, but when I will be in a different model, I’d like it to select all the section views automatically, without the need of the user.

Thank you for your advice.

Hi @BCochin
Try using python:


Hi, thank you for your answer.
I didn’t dive into python for dynamo/revit yet so I don’t really understand which part of my problem this line covers.
Can you explain a little bit more please?