Modify comment from elements list


I have a hard time with something i though it was simple.
I extract from an Excel file a list that contain combinaison of Element Id and comment. It looks like this :

What i’m trying is, for each pair of element id / comment, set the comment of the element.
From a list i can’t understand what i should use. I can set one pair like this:

But how to do it with a loop knowing that the list length isn’t fixe ? It can contain 4 pair of element id / comment as it can contain 18 pair.

Thank you.


You could try this:




Thank you for your answer.
It works greatly with your method, thank you !
If i understand correctly, if i give a list as a node parameter, it will iterate the list and do the node for each iteration, am i right ?



If you have a list and use a node with the list, The node is working for each element of the list.




Okay, I think I understood.



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