Modify Civil3D surface styles using Dynamo

Hi Everyone

Is there a way to modify surface styles using Dynamo? I have about 30 surface styles in a drawing, and I need to modify all of them by changing the layers, colours and linetypes of the contours and TIN lines. I don’t want to change the style of an object, I want to modify the actual Civil 3D styles, as when you right click on a surface and choose “edit surface style”.

If there is nothing out of the box or in the civils 3d toolkit then you will have to do something in Python to do that.

The following may be able to guide you on a C# example: Change surface style with Civil 3D API - Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog

Hi @Shubz26,

Take a look at the Camber package. There are lots of nodes for working with styles.

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