Modeling a bridge


I want to model a box girder bridge, I have the design drawings, and i have created the cross-section (profile) of the bridge in Revit.

What I want now is to model it along the corridor.

I have looked high and low, watched alot of YouTube videos, some of which use a package called dynabridge (didn’t work), some used OOTB nodes, also didn’t work …

Looked here, and learned about a package called civilconnection I believe, but I couldn’t find any guide or tutorials on it!

Could someone please help me with this, or if anyone knows about a guide I can read.

Did you take a look here?

Do you have a corridor reference model or excel data?

In the image green line is slope reference and dot is profile reference point.
My model is nested in generic model adaptive model to use “Create form”.
I used “Familyinstance.byface” to place profile family to each point.

This also will help for your work.

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Maybe use this technique to get rid of the overlaps.

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Have a look to my Au presentation. it present how to model Bridge and linear str.