ModelCurve.ByCurve crashes Dynamo and Revit

Hello everyone,

when I try to create model curves, Dynamo and Revit crashes. Can the node not handle big data?

See this article maybe…

Can you share your entire graph so I can try something out?

Thanks, but that is not the solution to my problem. Dynamo crahses anyway.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post the entire graph publicly.

Well, harder to troubleshoot of we don’t see more of what is going on. I’ve pretty sure I have used Dynamo for line creation (or even solid creation) with a larger dataset and had no issue, so I’m doubtful that is the issue. Could be a geometry range or endpoint proximity causing things to re-build themselves, could be a bad datapoint, or it could be that your lines are really complex, or your system is underpowered, or… well it could be a lot of things.

Can you wire in an object.type and feed that into a list.unique node, and post those results to see if there is a any odd objects? Are the lines fairly simple? What happens if you divide the list up into groups of 500 and run it 7 times on indecies 0-6 using a list.getitematindex node?

Sometimes it can just be the simple things… try removing any nulls or empty data (difficult to see from an image if any) from your Geometry Explode node and flattening your list before going into the ModelCurve node.

  1. please grab the lengths of these lines and display them, get rid of small lines
  2. turn off revit background preview and dynamo background preview.
  3. report back.
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Does your monitor flicker or do you see any video driver error message ? If so, turning the background preview / node preview off will definitely solve this.

Ever since Dynamo 1.2, model and text elements get rendered to the background view. With sufficient numbers, this leads to some kind of a video memory leak and kills your video driver process. This should hopefully be fixed in the next release.


I’m not sure how to do that. Like that?:

I have removed all nulls and empty lists and flatten the node. But the result is the same.

From which length are they small lines? Background preview ist turned off, but how can i see the lines in revit now?

No there is no error message to see. When I press the run button, revit and dynamo hang up immediately. Even when I turn the background preview / node preview off.

The lines are now model lines in the Revit model - simply find one of the new model lines in the model by clicking on the Element Id and you will be that element. Looks like this method was successful, meaning some of your lines were too close together.

Hi @NancyRue

You can select this way by clicking on preview value id.

should be removed in 2.0.