Modelcompare, script runs unstable, why?


How can I improve my script? Revit colaps, I want to compare Architecture/Static Model.
For any reason, my script crashes revit at all. Which ways i have to optimize my script?

Geometrieabgleich_V3.dyn (46.0 KB)

I glad about any info or improvement… …would python run more stable?



Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

How do you mean Compare exactly?

Also, you could change / compact your script by combining everything in front of the big Code Block by having two groups running through them with all your items.

Also try removing your If-statement and replacing it by List.RemoveIfNot and then put in DesignScript.Geometry.Solid (or something like that) :slight_smile:

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thank you a lot for your info i am a single dark Knight in my office :slight_smile:
here a navis extraction

i have 6 floors, in this file. but we have also bigger ones…

i am just testing statik-elements

I tryed to convert:

to this:

import clr

OUT = []

for i in str(IN[0]):
    if i == "Solid":

if i == 0:

I got some error, is this the correct way?

import clr
liste= IN[0]
output = []

for i in liste:
	if i == "Solid":
	elif i==0:

OUT = output


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