Model text as a generic family

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I make a script that turns the names of all the family instances into text.
I filter all the generic models, but it apparently one family within this category gives an error.

It turns out to be the model text which triggers an error.

-Are there ways to change the categorie of this system family?
-Are there alternative ways to exclude them from selection?

I guess the problem is that “model text” doesn’t has an instance?

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May be model in place?

OMG, Jan Willem, would it be that easy?

Hmmm…Model text is not an option for a Model in place…

May be a reach-around would be to create a dedicated Family, with an extruded text in it.

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Something like this?

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Lol, read your post wrong.

Use the “isNull” and filter with List.FilterByBoolMask ;-).

Hi Christian,
geveldragers naam geven 03.dyn (15.8 KB)
I am glad you see it, but I have no clue how to introduce it.

“Object.Is Null” sounds promising though.

I uploaded the script, feel free introduce it.

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Hi Christian,

the error is upstream from your Filter.

Let’s move the filter.

Hmm…“the conversion is not valid”…

Any thoughts on how to filter them properly?

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Yes, it is before the filter because it gets generated in that node “Familyinstance.GetFamily” :-).

Then you filter by Element Type first.
Like this:

Let’s have a look…

No errors, but I am filtering familynames now, not the names of instances.
Let me rewire your solution, according to the original.

All right! Thanks a lot, Christian.

Now I have to make sure the names of the instances can be assigned to family-text-parameters of nested family, but that’s another toppic…

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