Model Memory Analyst


The projects I work up tend to get huge in memory, that can slow down the overall model and make issuing the project much slower. This leads us having to do lots of cleaning up.

However, having a way in which we can see whats taking up the memory would be a great tool to have.

So, does anyone know if there a way of gathering data on what is taking up the memory, I could easily do a count of all the family/systems etc but That doesn’t look at the complexity of the geometry and parameter count which can be a huge factor in the amount of memory the family using in the model.

After this, I can start looking putting it through a visual representation software and get results like below.



Perhaps the journal files could be leveraged?
Looks like its logging some perf stats at each event sim to:

’ 0:< ::13888:: Delta VM: Avail -12 -> 134178745 MB, Used +12 -> 3605 MB; RAM: Avail -14 -> 22130 MB, Used +11 -> 3702 MB
’ 0:< GUI Resource Usage GDI: Avail 8691, Used 1309, User: Used 644245095147

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Yes, that‘s quite possible. I have an (as yet unpublished) Dynamo package that you could use for tracking the deltas in memory usage and identify each previous command:


That’s exciting :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

Thanks for the replys, sorry I haven’t got back sooner. Been busy.

Il take a look at those journal files and hopefully, that package can come out soon.