Model checker dynamo scrypt

I want to develop a Dynamo scrypt that can automatically run the model checker (bim interoperability tools) each time I open a 3D model with Revit. How do I do that ?

Thank you in advance

Hello @yazid.elbouachi and welcome…

you wanna develop a script and have the community to do it for you…without any thing or example ??? please read here…How to get help on the Dynamo forums


Every time.
Well - that will require using the Revit API event handling and an addin.
I’m afraid you are looking at C# .Net application for this.


Yes Aaron…not a task for dynamo

Go check out PyRevit I’d say. It can detect events and if you can write your model checking process in Python or tap into the add-in’s command this way then you could automate it when the model is opened. Pretty sweet.


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