Mobile or standalone Sandbox version?

Hi all,

I’ve read an item here that date’s back to 2015.
The item/topic starts with the question if there are plans for a mobile or “light” version of Dynamo without the need for Revit being installed.

I was wondering if this “project” is still a live!?
At the company we have the Autodesk EBA contract and we (the 3D modellers) are using the big laptops for the Autodesk software. But that laptop is to uncomfortable and to heavy to have on my lap when I’m sitting in the sofa.
I would like to have dynamo on my smartphone or tablet (Android/iOS) or on my hybride netbook with a mobile processor. So I can be creative when I’m on holiday, sitting in the bus, or anywere without the need for the heavy laptop and Revit.

Dynamo Studio doesn’t require Revit, but isn’t necessarily light on processing power.

Project Fractal is light on local processing requirements (cloud does the lifting) but last I knew doesn’t allow for creating items from scratch, just iterative execution.

Formit may be the application best suited to your situation.

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Does Formit allow me to create a Dynamo script?

No, it’s a standalone modeler like sketchup, but it can be ported to Revit geometry.

If you want to script your shapes it’s dynamo studio you want, but I haven’t had much success with running it on ‘lighter’ systems.

Okay, thanks for your input.
But I hope there are some Dynamo developers here who can answer my question about the development plans from 2015
for some sort of mobile Dynamo version.

Did you find anything since 2017? It would be great to be able to script on a mobile device!

Dynamo Studio is sun setting, and the ‘send to web’ feature hasn’t existed for awhile. That said you could put a listener on a machine which simply reads data from a web portal, executing the graph when there is a change, and sends results back to said web portal. Effectively, building your own ‘send to web’, but you would have to pay for maintenance and operation of the machines which run the tool(s).