Missing Third Updater Message



I would like to shed some light on the following message as I don’t understand why I’m getting this?

The file (name of file) was modified by the third -party updater unknown : Dynamo Element Watcher which is not currently installed.

If you continue to edit the file, data maintained by Unknown : Dyanmo Element Watcher will not be updated properly. This may create problems when (file name) is later opened when unknown : Dyanmo Element watcher is present.


I have the latest Dyanmo installed on my machine. I’m unsure why I’m getting this message and would like to know if there are others who have experienced this and the significance it has.

The message gives a few options. I have been choosing continue working with the file.

Others include, do not show this warning again and save this file under a different name.


If anyone knows more regarding this message and it’s implications please share.

Many thanks,





Thank you for this report. Can you give a few more details? Do you have the latest daily build or the latest official release (from the big blue button)? What did you do to get this message? Is it associated with a particular file? Is this from a dialog box, a node, or the console?


This may have been a problem with the older version of dynamo?

The other reason could be that if you edit the revit geometry manually without using dynamo it delivers this message after you open the revit file again?

I will let you know more once I get back onto the project.

It hasn’t resulted in a hold up on my part I was just curious if there was an absolute known reason.


I will post once I find out more on my part.