Minimum item by key in nested lists

Dear Dynamers,
I have two nested lists which are identical in size and format but with different items at each index. I want two get the shortest of each couple of indices at Level 2. But unfortunately the list minimum by key get one list and I cannot figure out a way to make it compare the proper indices.
I assume it needs python (as always…) but I don’t know how to write it.

Sorry, I on’t understand very well.
Can you explain me better, you have 2 nested list of what elements (lines?)? For what output are you looking for?

0 List
line 1
line 2
1 List


Mistake… posting again

Yes it’s lines and I want to compare them basd on their length

To give you a little better understanding this is what I’m doing. 2 Lists of 20 lines each but instead of 40 lines after the comparison I would like to get the shortest 20 by comparing in pairs according to their index.

Try @L3 instead of 1 or 2.

Doesn’t help. I also tried all lacing options.

You can try this:

Thanks a lot for the reply. But the graph you are suggesting gives me the 10 shortest lines from each list. Let me try to explain a little more the concept.

I have a room of 20 people. The people will leave from the closest door. For each one correspond two lines connecting them with each of the doors. By finding which of the two lines of each person is shortest I get which door they will leave from.

@D.CHRISTIDIS See if this works for you …


So much smoother. Thanks a lot Vikram_Guru