Index of the minimum of a sub-list

Hi I have several list with sub-lists and my goal is to obtain the index of the item which is the minimum in each sub-list.
In the example in the following picture, what I want to obtain is :
[0] 1
[1] 5

Anyone can help please…


then Flatten

Option 2:


Should have been possible with IndexOf, but isn’t (reported the issue here)
You could try this work around for now.

Thanks a lot Mohammadz…
but still don’t work in my case and I have the same code as you…

Thanks a lot Vikram
doesn’t not work yet for me …
watch my pict, it’s the same as you

@Pierre_MARECHAL Change Lacing to Longest at “IndexOf” node.

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Thanks Kulkul

always keep an eye on the lacing just as @Kulkul mentioned :wink: its very helpful.


i’m now tryng to select the second minium value of a sub-list. I have that nodes which works with a very small list but not on a full example (and my computer is quite powerful…)…Any idea to make it more efficient ??


The idea is to replace the minimum by the maximum and then re-do the action get the new minimum…maybe not the best idea…