List.MinimumItem node

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i am trying to get the minimum values from nested lists. i have used the List.MinimumItem node and i am expecting it to produce a minimum values per nested lists. But its producing minimum values and merging the lists

  1. why isn’t producing minimum values in accordance to input nested list

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In the List.MinimumItem node change the levels.

thank you for your reply i have tried this modifying levels will increase overall lists
for example


but i am expecting something like this

Is there a reason you are wanting OOTB nodes to do this when the Python solution is giving what you require? Anyway, here is a way to match your structure using List.Rank and List.Chop :slight_smile:


WTF, haven’t you tried the @L2 ??
look at bottom of node preview, your list level to “check for minimum” is @L2 not above.

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