Method not found

i have a problem with defining methods. I define method but when i try to call it, i get message “Warning: Method ‘createPlane()’ not found”. does anyone have any idea, what is causing this?

You get this error when you open a file in Manual run mode?
Ignore it and Run, it will work.
You’ll need to feed in the arguments though.

looks like its not working like it is supposed to, but thanks anyways :slight_smile:

Noticed a few issues with your code (there might be more)…

Change the FilterByBoolMask statement format

You don’t need to, but the mask could be simplified and incorporated in the above statement

Once you’ve used the filter you probably intend to use only those values that satisfy true (or false)

To get the true values
lst = fil["in"];

To get the false values
lst = fil["out"];

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thank you, im pretty new to dynamo (using it for bout 3 months) and i am trying to learn how to make loop, and since i need to filter some revit elements, i tried to make a loop for element name filter. Do you know any guides for imperative coding, so i could get some insight to what i am doing :smiley:

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Outdated, but still relevant Design Script Guide
Chapter 11: Conditions and Boolean Logic

Me too getting same error / warning. I checked my code many times. It’s working perfect out of the function definition. But when I define a function and call it in some other node, it gives me same warning. Can anyone help me out of this?

My experience is that this (Or something with similar symptoms) happens when the node which defines your definition is executing after the node which calls the definition itself. Try replacing the node which the definition with a new code block (select it, ctrl+ drag the node is likely easiest, then rewire the outputs from the prior node by using shift + drag).

If that doesn’t work, than its’s best to start a new thread as this is ~4 years old at this point. If you do start a new topic please include:

  • An image of the overall graph (zoom in on a couple nodes and use export canvas as image - the camera button in the top right corner).
  • A screen shot of the warning itself.
  • The graph and the required content to run it (ie a small sample Revit file - not a full project).