Hello all,

I have been trying to find some example of Mesh manipulation, in particular, Mesh.FaceIndices mapped with Mesh.VertexPositions, creating two list, one with 3 points and the other with 4 points, so I can use the appropriate Point Family on each surface.

Any examples would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Chris,

I’m not sure but I think that revit generated meshes are limited to 3 corners. Are you importing your mesh from a different source? Anyway here’s a basic example on how to map a 3-point AC to a revit topo surface with the default nodes:




If you’d like a DS example, just search the forum for “polysurface from topography” and you’ll find quite a few.

Hi Dimitar,

Thank you for the example, I am trying to bring a mesh from Rhino in via 3 or 4 point adaptive family depending on the mesh.

I have recreate the example provide but I believe the nested Lists are causing issues.






I am no Rhino expert, maybe a mesh is the wrong item to bring in… I know this can be done, still finding my feet in Dynamo, normally a C# programer…



Chris, you will need to use the List.Map node

The screen grab and file below might help you understand better.

File: mesh.dyn




This is were I got to… I works to get a selected index of set of items between FaceIndices and VertexPositions, but struggle with the iteration for all other nested listed. I thought by using a code block I might be able to create a for loop but no, I failed.

Capture 1





File: mesh.dyn

Replace the sample mesh (in the above file) by plugging in your mesh into this code block and it should give you sets of 4 points that your adaptive component can use.